Front Entrance

Nestled into the back nook of The Crossroads at Fishcreek Shopping Center, you’ll find our studio waiting to be discovered. The front room is not a lobby, it is a beginning, where you can sit and relax, color away some stress, chat with our staff, or simply enjoy the peace.

Non-Heated Studio Spaces

We offer both a large class space and a small class space that offer a cool room temperature environment to practice in. The large studio is spacious and can hold classes of up to 30 students, perfect for groups who like to move and get loud. The smaller studio is roomy and designed as a more intimate space for more direct learning with classes of 10 or fewer and where many of our baby and children’s classes are held.

Infrared Heated Studio

Our state of the art infrared studio offers the benefits of infrared therapy combined with yoga. Come prepared to sweat and leave with an invigorating smile on your face.

Fitness Studio

Our fitness studio combines the necessary elements to compliment all your fitness needs.

Community / Meeting Room

Free for members, this room has a large table perfect for meetings or games, as well as a kitchenette.

Retail Shop

All the supplies and swag you’ll need. We offer high quality clothing and accessories, as well as more fun items like books and games.

Massage Studio

Simple, cozy, and safe. Let your stress disappear in here.


GWMY+F recognizes the demands of parenthood and the difficulty of finding childcare to continue your self-care needs. We are proud to offer supervised on-site PlayPlace services during our popular evening classes.
Fee: $5 per family, up to 2 children, $5 for each additional child.
Pay for your year’s membership in full? PlayPlace is included!