About Us

Grow With Me Yoga is “rooted” in Stow, OH a beautiful city close by and convenient to residents of Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Kent. The studio has been built under the direction and vision of Kristen Thayer, Owner. Grow With Me Yoga has been designed to be a warm and welcoming space for all members of the family. As you enter our doors you will be welcomed into a warm and inviting gathering place followed by two beautiful studio spaces, a Community/Meeting Room, Fitness studio, Retail Shop, Massage Studio and Childcare Room. Programs were created to include every member of the family: Yoga for all levels, Fitness, Massage, Education and beyond.


Grow With Me Yoga is dedicated to providing an open door to anyone brave enough and/or eager enough to walk through. Our dedicated and dynamic staff will greet each person with a sense of peace, love and gratitude no matter where they are in their life or personal practice. We will provide a safe and nurturing environment; whether they are newly born or in their senior years of life and every age in between. It is our personal mission to assist each and every person as they find peace, presence, awareness, truth and ultimately personal enlightenment. We believe in growing at one’s own pace physically, mentally and spiritually and offer a variety of services and classes to help each person achieve their highest self.


Studio owner, Kristen Thayer, found yoga in 2014 when a friend encouraged her to attend a yoga class at her local studio. At that particular time Kristen was overcoming many life events: childhood abuse, a divorce, a child’s addiction and legal issues, a child in college, and young child at home all while co-owning a local business and figuring out how to live life as a single parent. Dark times come to all, depression and trauma can become part of each of our lives as we travel our individual paths. The choices we make, the doors we walk through and the amount of work we are willing to put into ourselves result in how we each reach personal release, peace and enlightenment. If it had not been for that friend opening that door to yoga in 2014, the many beautiful people who welcomed Kristen into the space, and the continued dedication to her own self and to build her personal practice, Grow With Me Yoga would not exist. The studio is a place to offer Self Help, Personal Growth, Release, Healing and a path to desired Enlightenment.  Kristen’s belief is simple: you cannot control what the world hands you but each person has a choice. Do you have the strength to choose happiness in each situation?  We all have the ability to walk through the door, to find the ease of breath that is lost in a nonstop world, a desire to heal, and the power to welcome others to do the same.  Together we can change the world one person at a time.  We first must root to rise, to grow, to expand, to become strong and to overcome all that life sends our way.  Grow With Me Yoga is providing the space, opportunity, and community… Are you brave enough to take that first step?  Are you bold enough to choose happiness?  Are you ready to COME GROW WITH US?