Benefits of Strength Training for Yogis

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Benefits of Strength Training for Yogis

By Stacy Rhea,

Yogis receive amazing benefits from their weekly yoga practice, however, adding strength training a few times a week will not only enhance the yoga practice, it will also provide additional health benefits.


Enhance your yoga practice

Strength training enhances your yoga practice by developing additional core, leg and upper body strength to help you hit even the toughest poses:

Core – peacock

Leg – chair

Upper body – handstand

Prevent muscle loss

By age 30, our bodies begin to lose muscle mass and function (even if you are active), this is known as sarcopenia. Adding strength training to your weekly regiment just a few times a week can help build muscle mass and bone density, especially as you age.

Afterburn effect

Vigorous exercise, such as our Ultimate Interval classes keep the body burning calories for hours after the workout is through. In addition, this type of class includes targeted aerobic training, which is important to improve overall cardiovascular fitness.

To learn more about the benefits of strength training, or to begin adding strength training to your weekly fitness routine, email Stacy at